Chris’s original training at the Westminster Pastoral Foundation was based on the psychoanalytic model and his subsequent training at the Association of Jungian Analysts was steeped in Jung and the post-Jungian tradition.

His training and practice reflect a position that holds the middle ground between these two traditions, drawing on both ends of the psychoanalytic and Jungian spectrum.

Thus he works intensively if it will benefit the therapeutic process, and the individual has the psychic energy (time, money, desire) for the task. For others he offers once weekly work, which can be demanding enough and sometimes the better choice.

Rather than try and impose a prescribed treatment plan on the process, he will endeavour to meet the individual as they present themselves.


Chris has a great deal of experience as an Analyst/Therapist and Supervisor for those training to become Jungian analysts, psychoanalytic psychotherapists, psychodynamic counsellors and integral therapists.


Chris supervises qualified psychotherapists and counsellors who are working in private practice, on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

He also offers supervision to: psychotherapists and counsellors working in GP practices; in University and further education settings; counselling agencies and out-patient treatment centres.

Qualifications and Training

Supervision training: 2010: Guild of Psychotherapists

Jungian Analytic training: 1996: Association of Jungian Analysts

Psychodynamic Counselling training: 1984: Advanced Diploma: Westminster Pastoral Foundation

BA European Studies: 1975: University of East Anglia

Professional Curriculum Vitae

Teaching various modules on the Jungian Analytic Training for Qualified Psychotherapists (AJA) 2008—ongoing

Teaching on Guild of Psychotherapists’ Supervision course 2011

Shuttle supervision in St. Petersburg for Russian psychotherapists seeking Jungian accreditation 2005—2010

Senior member of Gloucester Counselling Service 1987-1992

Director of Wessex Counselling Service 1987-1992

Group facilitator for Beckford Mental Health Team 1988-1991

Casework supervision of key workers RNID 1989-1992

Private practice from 1986 – ongoing

My Professional memberships

United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)
(Council for Psychoanalysis & Jungian Analysis)

Association of Jungian Analysts (AJA)

International Association of Analytical Psychology (IAAP)

Confederation for Analytical Psychology (CAP)

Analytic Network (AN)

British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC)

A selection of the papers, seminars and workshops given by Chris over the last 20 years

Archetypes: the lives they lead us: Series of 4 seminars: Bristol 1994

Dead on Time : Clinical issues around time: Day workshop for counsellors: Frome 1996

The Pool and the Mirror: Paper on Narcissism given to C.G. Jung Lecture Series and the Bristol Psychotherapy Association: Bristol 1997

Hysteria and Paradox: Day seminar given to Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling Graduates: Frome 1998

For the love of Money: Paper given to Association of Jungian Analysts: London 1999

Lacan: Day seminar given to Foundation of Psychotherapy and Counselling Graduates: Frome 1999

Jung, Film and Fairytale: CPD Module (5 Evenings) for Wessex Counselling Service Graduates: Frome 2002

Jung and Lacan: CPD seminars for Association of Jungian Analysts: London 2002

Money and Psyche: symbol, history & practice: Paper given to Analytic Network & Irish Jungian Assoc.: Bath & Dublin 2004

Minding the Gap: Touching Time with Winnicott, Jung and Lacan: Paper given to Analytic Network: Bath 2006

The truth is out there: where is the ‘unconscious’ located?: Day seminar for therapists and counsellors: Frome 2007

Dionysus in the consulting room: Day workshop: Edinburgh 2007: 

Film and the Imaginal realm: JATQP module: London 2008, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017

Synchronicity and Bion: JATQP Module: London 2009, 2012, 2016, 2018

Fathers: What are they good for?: Day seminar for counsellors: Frome & Stroud 2011

The supervisory matrix with reference to Jung and Winnicott: Paper given to the Guild of Psychotherapy Supervision course, Analytic Network & C.G. Jung Lecture series: London, Bath & Bristol 2011/12 

Eros in the therapeutic relationship: Hillman & Lacan: JATQP module: London 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017

Jung in vivo: the language Jungian therapists use: Jungian Analytic Training for Qualified Psychotherapists: (JATQP): London 2009,  2012, 2014, 2016, 2018

Post-Jungian theory in practice: Series of five seminars for Severnside Institute of Psychotherapy. Bristol 2014

Post-Jungian seminars on the 'Quantum nature of the complexed psyche' for West Midlands Institute of Psychotherapy. Birmingham 2014

Money: Talisman of the self: London 2016

The Self in Cyberspace: London 2016

Astrological Elements, Alchemical Operations and Jungian Typology: JATQP: London 2013, 2015, 2017

Between the Given and what Gives: talk given for the Analytic Network, Bath 2017; given to C.G. Jung lecture series Bristol 2018

Hillman and the Archetypal school: JATQP: London March 2018

Post-Jungian seminars on Donald Kalsched for West Midlands Institute of Psychotherapy November 2018